Packing Tips For Home Movers


Moving house can be challenging, frustrating and is one of the most stressful times of your lifetime. Whether you’re moving by yourself or leaving it the professionals, some of the most important things to consider are the packing, packing materials and planning.

Packing Materials:

Corrugated sheets – to offer increased protection for fragile items Tissue Paper – for stuffing or wrapping fragile items

Brown paper – for lamps, mirrors and pictures

Paper – non-tarnish – for silver and brass objects

Cushioning paper – for easily scratch items

Wax paper – for oil type paintings.

Bubble wrap – for ornaments or anything that is extremely fragile

Newspapers – for wrapping and stuffing dishes, vases and other kitchen items

Other Important Packing Materials:

Labels – always important for when you need to find the kettle the other side!

Plastic bags – for small items e.g nuts and bolts from beds – (be sure to label them)

Packing tape – 2 inches wide recommended for sealing boxes properly.

Cardboard boxes – varied in size and best not to get cheap flimsy ones.

Notebook – for your planning and notes.

Scissors – to open your boxes at their destination

Packing Tips

By starting a few months in advance you can start planning your move and also start to pack up your belongings. Start by packing the items that you rarely use first and make a list which includes rooms that are packed, labels, special arrangements, important items and which rooms to be packed up when. Create an inventory sheet in your notebook with columns for room names, room numbers, box numbers, comments, content descriptions and special instructions.

Use newspaper for things that can be easily washed or wiped. As the ink can transfer, the newspaper is best suited to kitchen items.

Moving is a great time to have a clear out. You don’t want to spend time, effort and money moving items you no longer want. Separate the things to be kept and the things to be thrown out. Sell what you can, donate others to charity and only throw away things that can no longer be reused.

Do not load more than 50kg per box as under occupational health and safety regulations, the removals team are not allowed to lift anything heavier.

Moving home requires serious organization and determination. By knowing which packing materials to get and what you’re going to use them for, you can do a professional job and save yourself time and stress.

Packing is considered to be straightforward, but there’s more to it than simply stuffing your belongings into a box. To ensure all of your belongings make it safely to your new home, use our tips and employ a professional removals company, such as Cottage Removals, to transport your possessions.